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Living and Investing in the Capital City.

Why not go on a foray in Germany’s most vibrant and greenest metropolitan city and discover the abundance of properties available for investment in top locations in this rapidly developing city. These properties offer top yields and are suited for retirement provision or for personal use.

Try us – We are market experts in all property matters!

Kurt Lohmüller Immobilien GmbH
Potsdamer Straße 37
D-12205 Berlin-Lichterfelde West

 Phone +49 (30) 390805-0
 Fax +49 (30) 390805-47

Company Profile

We have been of service to our clients for and in Berlin since 1950. Our company stands not only for tradition and innovation in the procurement and management of solid properties available in Berlin, but also for the continuous expansion of our service portfolio to offer a one-stop complete range of property services.

On 1-1-2012 we transferred the headquarter from Berlin Kurfürstendamm to Berlin Lichterfelde-West and joined forces with ekon Haus- und Vermögensverwaltung GmbH – the specialist for management of solid properties in Berlin.

We invite you to avail yourself of our 100% market expertise gained by decades of professional and reputable customer and consulting services in the buying and selling, letting and/or management of properties in and around Berlin.

We are member of the IVD.

For the purchase of real estate we are urgently looking for:

  • Residential and commercial buildings -
    City-West, Zehlendorf, Steglitz, Schöneberg, Tempelhof Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain
  • Residential properties exceeding 100m² for single family and/or up to three-family occupancy in the North and/or SW of Berlin
  • Ready-for-occupancy condominiums are constantly sought in City-West, Zehlendorf, Steglitz, Schöneberg, Tempelhof Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain

We valuate your property in line with prevailing market prices without any obligation on your part and look forward to hearing from you!

Our Services


There is a massive regional and international demand in Berlin for the purchase of

residential and commercial buildings as well as single-family/two-family houses, villas, building plots and rented-out and ready-for-occupancy condominiums – all of which are our speciality and area of expertise as a result of six decades of market experience.

Click on current properties in and around Berlin for further information.


As part of our service, we will identify the most suitable tenant, verify the tenant’s solvency and draft the tenancy agreement for you.

If you are looking for residential or commercial space, you may find something to your liking by clicking on current properties. Or you may want to appoint us to search on your behalf.

Property management

We have been successfully managing residential and commercial buildings as well as condominium estates from 10 up to 204 units since 1950.

The demands on professional property management have substantially increased since then: Nowadays, regular early detection of changes in the residential and commercial property market is a prerequisite for the selection of tenants and the drafting of contracts.

Customised contracts applicable to even the smallest of apartments, facility management, construction site management and supervision, investment consulting in line with taxation aspects, maximum cost reductions as well as exploiting all avenues for the increase in rent – we offer the full service that you would expect, to add value to your property.
Each member of our established team of property and real estate agents personally manages each residential and/or commercial building or condominium estate (WEG) in a customer-oriented manner from start to finish – a service that is much appreciated by our clients.

Try us! We would be pleased to send you our service offer tailored to your needs.


Beatrice Nowick

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-40


Christian Wolff

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-25


Bettina E. Krohn

Founder of Ekon Haus und Vermögens­verwaltung and consultant

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-15


Tetiana Martynovska

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-27


Sylvia Rose

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-16


Dr. Irina Klaer

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-17


Sascha Kästner

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-55


Bernd Wieczorek

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-14


Nino Klassen

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-26


Irina Gendin

  030 / 3 90 80 5-18


Daniela Maurer

  030 / 3 90 80 5-24


Daniela Cavara

  030 / 3 90 80 5-21


Wilma Eyer

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-11


Brigitte Flittner

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-12


Angela Rosenplänter

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-33


Dominique Rosenplänter

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-32


Anna Rimac

  +49 (30) 3 90 80 5-33


We joined the Reichel & Schulte Group in 2023.

The “Reichel & Schulte Group” is a family-run network of numerous local companies Property managers throughout Germany. More and more administrative offices are gathering there under one roof.

A particularly important part of the R&S philosophy is the holistic support for our Customers in the areas of Administration, Rental and Sales.

Normal Kieling, a valued colleague here in our office, is a qualified real estate agent, which is particularly focused on the area of real estate valuation, successful sale and has proven to be an absolute expert.

Mr Kieling will be happy to offer you immediately a free Property valuation including a short report. You have the opportunity to be included in our exclusive mailing list: Here all properties are offered exclusively to existing R&S customers, before you go online on the major portals. In addition, we grant R&S customers a right of first move on these properties.

Mr Kieling looks forward to hearing from you:

Landline: 030 / 390 805 – 28 or mobile: 0174 / 335 25 26

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